January Store update.

Important Store Announcements.

Welcome to 2023, we are hoping you all had a great end to 2022, and thank you for your support last year.

The Store is closed till January 28th except for shipping orders which will process as normal.

I will be in England on Business till then so no special orders till I return and catch up.

We have sold out on the first delivery of Policar 4 Lane Starter Sets.

 See here for the Policar Track Section on the Site. https://132slotcar.us/policar-race-sets 

The Policar T004Z and T003Z Sets are now SOLD OUT, we have ordered more, please Back Order if you are interested. Remember we never charge for Pre Orders or Back orders until ready to ship.

We have landed more Policar Track and SCP3 Controllers.

More T004Z Sets on back order and also T003Z more are ordered, plus we will be announcing both Sets with Car options on arrival of new stock.


One last Scalextric Platinum Set : https://132slotcar.us/c1413t-pro-platinum-gt-set Free US shipping and only offered while stock lasts, the next version will be $799.99.

The Store is open by appointment only, shipping schedule is Monday thru Friday.

Direct line number 1-253-255-1807, the Store is 1-253-564-1445.


The next 1:32 RevoSlot cars are now on the Site here click on the images for more info:


The announced Limited Edition BRM McLaren will not be released until the end of January, please order as soon as possible if interested.

Also pricing is not set, and due to short production numbers and production costs rising along with shipping costs the $159.99 may be well under the price, we will hold the price on all orders placed till BRM ships.

Please bear that in mind when ordering. We will announce the exact price as soon as they ship.

RevoSlot has also announces several new releases, the new livery Porsche for early 2023 check here for images.




RevoSlot next release..



  We are racing almost every Saturday next will be January 28th (as traveling till then) @ 7.00pm. Doors open for pre entered Racers at 6.00pm racing starts at 7.00.

We have the Policar 4 Lane Starter Sets on Back Order now, We only had a few as we had to fly them in from Europe and they sold out very quickly. You can back order here, please do not wait long if interested. Price includes ground shipping, these are big boxes so shipping is expensive. We will review after the next shipment if we can continue to offer free shipping in the 48 Mainland States, but right now we will cover ground. See here for the Policar Track Section on the Site. https://132slotcar.us/policar-race-sets

Masks are no longer required, but if you are coughing you will be asked to wear one. If you do not feel well take a week off and get better. This helps us all in the long run.

We are not doing any Special Builds until we catch up with back orders, if you have questions please contact us at orders@132slotcar.us, or scaleracing1@gmail.com

Please add the order number in the subject line if checking on orders so we can check on your order. You can also reach Alan @ 1-253-255-1807.

If you are wanting to order items not yet listed in our Store please use the Wild Card feature.  This helps get popular items listed and remember we never ask for payment on Pre Orders.

Please use Request for Quote as your payment method.

Here is the link:

See here to go to the Wild Card order: https://132slotcar.us/wild-card-wildcard-pre-order-new-items

We do not require payment for pre order, please use the Request For Quote payment.

This is only for pre order please.





Alan & Julia Smith


Contact info: orders@132slotcar.us

24 Hour phone line: 1-253-255-1807

Store: 1-253-564-1445

                                    www.slotcarillustrated.com Our information Site is back online.

                                    We moved servers as the last hosting Company experienced a massive server crash. We are hoping this new Company will be more reliable for "SCI".


Please if you are trying to order and experience a problem let me know.

You can contact me at 1-253-255-1807 or scaleracing1@gmail.com. 

Thank you.


We are renting Track Time and Controllers only. You will need your own cars.

We sell cars starting from about $35.00

We book time slots to allocate track time.

These are 1 hour slots. After which we will close to clean the controllers and surfaces.

We will only be renting track time limited hours Saturday and Sunday for now. 12.00 till 4.00pm

Call to book track time, all payments will be either cash deposited in a cash box or Credit Card.

We will set up a log in where you can buy Track Time as soon as we can.

Track time will be $60.00 an hour including controllers.**

**To open we will limit play racers to 6 people.

 This 1 hour session will be $60.00 + tax.

You can also have a maximum of 6 guests to assist with crashed cars.


Call 1-253-255-1807 to book please give at least a week lead time, no walk in Customers please.. 

Hours will be 12.00 till 4.00 pm Saturday and Sunday for now, and be by appointment!!

You can also make an appointment to purchase cars if no one on the tracks. 

 The web store is open and we continue to ship out orders.

If you are looking for a new release from BRM, RevoSlot, Policar, Scaleauto, Scalextric and Slot.it and other lines we specialize in and do not see them listed yet, please use the Wild Car feature below.

We can add them into the system. We have added many items in for pre order, the Wild Card allows us to focus on cars you are interested in, if you can not use this feature please email and let me know.

You can order using the Wild Card feature and add in Part Numbers etc.

See here to go to the Wild Card order:https://132slotcar.us/wild-card-wildcard-pre-order-new-items

We do not require payment for pre order, please use the Request For Quote payment.

This is only for pre order please.



We thank you for your continued support of the ScaleRacing Center and www.132slotcar.us.

Alan  and Julia Smith

Here is a virtual tour of my store!

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