Update February 20th 2024.      

                 RevoSlot Datsun announcement and official US Release date.



We are now processing the pre orders for the Datsun 510 cars from RevoSlot. We have shipped Official Dealers so they should have cars soon. We are emailing all pre order customers to get your payment information as we do not collect funds on pre orders. Please contact us to speed up the process of shipping out these beautiful cars. You can call us at 253-255-1807 or email scaleracing1@gmail.com. All pre orders placed before February 13th will be filled. No one will lose their order with us.

Anyone pre ordering after about 3.00pm February 13th RevoSlot has decided to Manufacturer more cars so your orders will be filled on the 2nd batch. Order numbers have been changed to reflect reorder status.

So if your order now has RS0200/RO thru to RS0204/RO you will be in the second release of these stunning cars. Thank you all for your orders!!!

Please remember you do not need to pay for pre order items. You can use "request for quote" on the payment screen to close the order and we will notify you when your cars come in.





Dear RevoSlot customers, We have found some of the latest RevoSlot Gtone cars with a problem on the front axle and front wheel assembly. Any customer who has received a car with problems we will replace the front axle , front wheels including inserts and grub screws. Please contact ScaleRacing LLC directly and we will replace those parts no charge as soon as possible. This issue does not impact all cars delivered but we are suspending shipment of any orders not processed until we can rework remaining stock. ScaleRacing LLC and RevoSlot take this issue very seriously and will rectify this error with the above mentioned replacement parts as soon as we can. The factory is remaking wheels right now and will air freight parts to ScaleRacing LLC as soon as possible. RevoSlot and ScaleRacing LLC are proud of the quality brand image we have created. We sincerely apologize for this error and oversight on some of this delivery during production. Sincerely Alan Smith ScaleRacing LLC 253 255 1807 scaleracing1@gmail.com


Policar T003Z and T004Z Sets back in stock. 

Important Store Announcements.

We are caught up now on all orders, please contact me directly if you have any questions on orders placed last year still showing as pending or processing. Call to let us know 1-253-255-1807.


The Store is open by appointment only, shipping schedule is Monday thru Thursday. 

Direct line number 1-253-255-1807, the Store is 1-253-564-1445.


      Please check  https://132slotcar.us/new-products for the latest items up for pre order, and coming soon.

           The H&B Test Benches have landed again!!!

                          We have stock of the H & B bench @ $174.99, the H & B + is back on reorder status.

                                      They sell out very quickly so don't wait if interested. Orders will be supplied in the order received.

                                          We never collect funds on Pre Orders or Re Orders until the goods are in stock and shipable.

                                                   The new model now with amp draw from the motor this is orderable as H & B +.

https://132slotcar.us/h-and-b-test-bench https://132slotcar.us/h-b-test-bench-with-build-in-amp-meter

A fantastic tool for setting up cars to race, and checking for equal performance, the H & B + is on re order status. We have 2 H & B regular benches in stock.

Especially when used in conjunction with our Magnet Marshal 2. https://132slotcar.us/magnet-marshal-2



We continue to operate the Store on a Will Call basis.

please make an appointment if you wish to look around as staffing since Covid is greatly reduced.


         We carry all Policar Sets The T001 starter Set with 2 cars is sold out. Then the expansion or change over to the Policar system Sets.

         Starting with the 2 Lane T002 Set. See here for the Policar Track section on the Site: https://132slotcar.us/policar-race-sets


The Policar T004Z and T003Z Sets sell out quickly, we have them on continual reorder status, order now if you are interested. Remember we never charge for Pre Orders or Back orders until ready to ship.

We have landed more Policar Track and SCP3 and SCP2 Controllers.

Right now we are almost sold out of the both 4 lane Sets, more are ordered, plus we will be announcing both Sets with Car options on arrival of new stock.



Direct line number 1-253-255-1807, the Store is 1-253-564-1445.


We are racing this weekend.


Test and Tune Wednesday evening at 7.00pm.


See here for the Policar Track Section on the Site. https://132slotcar.us/policar-race-sets


We are not doing any Special Builds until we catch up with back orders, if you have questions please contact us at scaleracing1@gmail.com

Please add the order number in the subject line if checking on orders so we can check on your order. You can also reach Alan @ 1-253-255-1807.

If you are wanting to order items not yet listed in our Store please use the Wild Card feature.  This helps get popular items listed and remember we never ask for payment on Pre Orders.

Please only use Request for Quote as your payment method for wild card and Pre Orders.

Here is the link:

See here to go to the Wild Card order: https://132slotcar.us/wild-card-wildcard-pre-order-new-items

We do not require payment for pre order, please use the Request For Quote payment.

This is only for pre order please.





Alan & Julia Smith


Contact info: scaleracing1@gmail.com

24 Hour phone line: 1-253-255-1807

Store: 1-253-564-1445

                             www.slotcarillustrated.com Our information Site is online , we moved the Site to Cloud Servers to solve issues.



Please if you are trying to order and experience a problem let me know.

You can contact me at 1-253-255-1807 or scaleracing1@gmail.com. 

Thank you.


We are renting Track Time and Controllers only. You will need your own cars.

We sell cars starting from about $35.00

We book time slots to allocate track time.

These are 1 hour slots. After which we will close to clean the controllers and surfaces.

We will only be renting track time limited hours Saturday and Sunday for now. 12.00 till 4.00pm

Call to book track time, all payments will be either cash deposited in a cash box or Credit Card.

We will set up a log in where you can buy Track Time as soon as we can.

Track time will be $60.00 an hour including controllers.**

**To open we will limit play racers to 6 people.

 This 1 hour session will be $60.00 + tax.

You can also have a maximum of 6 guests to assist with crashed cars.


Call 1-253-255-1807 to book please give at least a week lead time, no walk in Customers please.. 

Hours will be 12.00 till 4.00 pm Saturday and Sunday for now, and be by appointment!!

You can also make an appointment to purchase cars if no one on the tracks. 

 The web store is open and we continue to ship out orders Monday thru Thursday.


We thank you for your continued support of the ScaleRacing Center and www.132slotcar.us.

Alan  and Julia Smith

Here is a virtual tour of my store!

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