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SCP301a Electronic Wireless Controller

SCP301a Electronic Wireless Controller


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Model:  SCP301a

Manufacturer:  Slot.It


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This is the latest Controller from the SCP family.

Like the SCP-2 this controller uses a contactless, friction free trigger and can be adapted with additional modules.

Stock it is ready once resistered to run as a wireless controller in either OXIGEN or SSD (Scalextric Sport Digital modes )

You will need to updated the software, which is explained in the download linked below. 

This is truly one of the most versatile electronic Slot Car Controllers ever made.

Here is a link to the catalog description of their latest controller the SCP-3

The SCP-3 series expands your control of your Slot Car Set. With plug in modules

this controller can run almost any Slot Car on the Market today, up to a 40 amp draw 

( 20 amp continuous load  ) 

With an added battery this controller once activated* can run wireless with OXIGEN. Also on SSD wireless once software is updated.

For more info please download and read the complete instructions here: /images/files/SCP3manual-EN%5B1%5D.pdf

* Battery and Activation is required for the SCP-3 to operate.

SCP301b750ma Wireless Power Supply Battery– LiPO battery to power the SCP3 when used on oXigen and ARC systems.

This battery allows you to Power up the SCP-3 controller.


To use as an Analog Controller use the Radio Receiver


This would hook to your analog track to receive commands from the SCP-3 (or SCP-2) Controller.

Plus either a Home Series Univeral Module.



Or use a Hi Amp Module for commercial Tracks rated up to 20amps continual draw. ( not for Home track Wiring )


The 2 modules shown above would be your hook up with the Radio receiver to your Analog Track System. The SCP-3 would then communicate with the Radio Receiver and that would control the cars. The Home Series Universal Module can be used on either Home Set wiring or Commercial Wired tracks.

The Hi Amp Module can only be used on Commercial Wired Tracks. What does this mean!! Commercial wired tracks use the Red Wire as Brake and Ground negative - to your Power Supply. The White Wire is the Positive + feed. Black is to the trigger.

Home Series ( most Home Sets ) run the opposite wiring where the Red Wire is + and the white is negative. The Universal Home Series Module can run either wiring types. Never use the Hi Amp module wired this way as this can potentially damage your Controller and the module. 


Please read as activation is required for the operation of this controller:

ACTIVATE THE SCP-3 BEFORE USE Thank you for your purchase. Before ANY further action, the SCP-3 must be ACTIVATED with the APP. Without activation the SCP-3 will not work. What is the activation? Very simply, via Bluetooth, the APP reads the network ID (known as MAC) of the controller, writes permanently the current date in the SCP-3 memory, and saves the following data: your email, the controller MAC, the activation date, the firmware version, and the device name in a cloud database that we can access. The same data is available on the APP. The activation date is the date used for warranty. Regardless of when you bought the controller, and of availability of the purchase receipt, we consider a two years period from the day you actually start using your device – which is the activation date. You must give a name to the controller, which is quite useful thing to do if you have more than one. As we develop the APP further, it will become an indispensable companion to the SCP-3, extending its capabilities, with more advanced features becoming avaible. The app is also the tool used to update the firmware of your controller to the latest version, or to switch to a different one – you can easily reprogram the SCP3 from being an oXigen controller to a to a Scalextric ARC AIR/PRO and viceversa.

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