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The 8th Annual BRM/ScaleRacing 24 Hours of Tacoma.

The 8th Annual BRM/ScaleRacing 24 Hours of Tacoma.


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Model:  BRM 24hrs of Tacoma 2023

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8th Annual BRM 24 Hours of Tacoma.

This Event is open to the first 14 Teams that enter!!!



Plus support Sprint Races for the BRM GT90's cars, Revo Slot GT1 and GT2, BRM and BRM "Mini Car" Series cars. Sprint race entry for those not on a 24 Hours of Tacoma Team is $15.00 per race. 


The 24 Hours of Tacoma Main Event

 Each Team racing in the 24 hour race receives a complete car and spares to set up their car for the race.

Event Nov 9th - 12th. 

Cars will be handed out Thursday Nov 9th starting at 10.00 am. 

Meet and greet Wednesday Nov 8th. 7.00 pm.


BRM  24 hours of Tacoma.

The 8th running of 24 Hours of Tacoma and the BRM Show at the ScaleRacing Center.

Entry per Team is $300.00  which includes a Special Edition car supplied by BRM and ScaleRacing for each Team.

Each car will be run for 24 Hours. 

Cars will only be returned to the Teams after the final Result is declared and any protests either upheld or denied.

There will be at least 6 hours of darkness from approximately 11.00pm to 5.00am during which time cars must have at least 1 headlight and 1 tail light operating. At all times cars must comply with a 1mm minimum ground clearance of all component parts.

Starting on Thursday at 10.00 am we will hand out the cars and spares allowed for the BRM 24 Hours of Tacoma Race. ***



Each Team will be supplied with a complete Car and spares supplied by BRM /ScaleRacing for the Event.

These are the only spares allowed.

Any Team needing extra parts during the race will get them supplied by the Race Director.

No extra spares can be introduced into tech!!!


Each Team will get their Car in a BRM box with the legal spares. Only the parts supplied in the box are legal to be used to create your race car. No extra lights, no colored lenses. All tools and other parts such as oil, glue, tape etc MUST be approved by the Race Director.


OK to the business of the BRM November Show and the BRM 24 Hours of Tacoma!!!!

When? November 9-12th at the ScaleRacing Center 3723 South Lawrence St Tacoma WA 98409.

Wednesday Nov 8th will be meet and greet and when we can pick up Racers coming in from out of Town if needed.
No BRM Event cars will run till Thursday.

If we get over 8 Teams.
Both Tracks will be used for BRM 24 Hours of Tacoma for a total of 14 lanes the same as in some previous years.  


If 8 or less Teams enter we will run the complete 24 hour race on the 8 lane track or 6 lane track.

Every Team entering will get 1 BRM car made specially for this Event.

Repairs only under green track conditions while the race is running not during lane changes.

Each car will run a complete 24 hours.


Complete rules will be posted for the Sprint Classes as soon as possible.

Schedule is:

Thursday 10.00 AM track opens and Teams present will receive their Race Car and spares.

All cars must remain in the race room, in the technical area only, and in full view of the Race Director and Officials.
Teams will set up and tune their car with spares supplied.

Any tools, oils etc must be submitted to Track Director for approval.

No chemicals or other parts will be allowed into the technical area to prevent modifying cars, tires and motors.

All motors must remain as supplied by BRM. No break in unless on the track. No truing tires no modification of parts allowed except by running the cars on track.

24 Hour Practice from 10.00 am till 2.00 pm Thursday. 24 Hour cars back to impound.

Then the 1st Sprint from 2.30pm till 4.00 pm.


BRM GT90's cars with the new chassis only. This will be for "STOCK" cars except can run BRM lowered front tires and will run BRM Sponge Rear tires.

Only the new Porsche 911 Evo and McLaren F1 GTR are allowed.


2nd Sprint RevoSlot GT1 and GT2 cars.


4.30pm till 6.00pm.


BRM/ Revo Slot GT1 for Ferrari F40, 333SP, Porsche GT1, Mercedes CLK and Toyota GT1 on RevoSlot Sponge rear tires and GT2 race for Porsche, Marcos, Viper and Supra cars, stock rubber tires.


Front tires may be lightly trued, but may not be hardened in any way. Stock axle spacers on both front and rear axles.

Axle float must be controlled, no wheels or tires may appear outside of the body work including axle float!!

No weight may be added, all cars must run stock gear ratio but may change to a nylon pinion if prefered.

You may shim body posts to raise the body to prevent tire contact with the body and interior contact with the motor and running gear. 

No bodies or interiors can be modified in any way, but may be glued in with Shoe Goo.

There will be a "Stock " version of each car in Tech, all cars should comply with those diamensions except for allowed mod's as described here.

No tires may be glued on the wheels this will be checked after the race and any car with glued tires will be disqualified.

All cars will comply with the stock example for weight.

No parts not used in regular production are allowed unless already mentioned.

You may use Shoe Goo to hold on bumpers, interiors etc, but may not tune or weight balance with Shoe Goo or any other glues.


Then back to 24 Hour pratice.


24 Hour Practice 7.00 pm till 10.00 pm. 24 Hour cars back to impound


Then close the track for the night.

Friday 10.00 am open for 24 Hours practice, Teams who have not received their Car and spares will receive them now.

Testing and tune till 2.00 pm. 24 Hour cars back to impound.


BRM Sprint Race.

BRM "Mini Car" Series race. These cars will run with the stock camber rear ends, on the "Mini Car" Series Cars.

Group 2 allowed also, those will run with the cambered front ends, as supplied by BRM. 

BRM Group 2 & Mini Cars race 3.00 pm till 5.00 pm.

6.00 pm till 6.30 pm 24 hours practice last Teams receive their Cars and spares, testing then Technical Inspection and Qualifying. All cars must be in impound for technical inspection at 7.00 pm, no exceptions!!!!

After Qualifying all cars impounded till race start 10.00am Saturday!!!


After technical inspection each Team leader can inspect the grid, any questions or protests will need to be lodged at that time. If you wait until after the race has started you will need to file your protest with a $50.00 fee. 

Any Team during the race that feels another Team has breached the rules will need to post a $50.00 fee to protest. All protest fees will be returned if the protest is upheld. All monies for failed protests will be kept by the ScaleRacing Center.

Any Team who has a concern regarding procedure or legal operation of another Teams car will file a protest. Please do not wait till after the Event ends and Teams leave as this gives the ScaleRacing Center

no chance to prove one way or another if the car or Team have broken the rules.

This Event while serious, as it is an investment of 24 hours of each Teams time, is supposed to be fun and people seeking to ruin that may not be invited back for future Events.

After qualifying we will all go out for food time allowing?

Saturday 10.00 BRM 24 Hours of Tacoma start. ScaleRacing Center will open at 9.00 am for racers to get ready, only spares supplied by BRM and the ScaleRacing Center are allowed at technical tables. All parts boxes and Cars will be in impound from Technical Inspection on Friday night.

Track will run live for 24 hours lane rotation will be 2 x 51 minutes in each lane. ( if we run 14 lanes ) or 3 rotations of 1 hour if we run only on the 8 Lane Track. If we run the 8 lane the middle 8 will be in the dark.***

If we run the 6 Lane only it will be 4 rotations of 1 hour the 3rd Rotation will be dark****


Entry fee for the Event is $300.00 per Team. This includes entry for the first 6 named drivers in each Team into all races plus the Exclusive Car and spares supplied, these are included in the Event fee.

Additional drivers listed on a Team over 6 will pay $15.00 to enter the Sprint races.

The Event fee entry includes all the races only for the first 6 drivers listed and active on a Team. Racers wishing to run the extra races but not entered in the 24 Hours of Tacoma can do so for a $15.00 fee per race.

Only Racers considered as on a Team are those who the Team Manager supplies at time of entry,

additional drivers can be entered but this closes on October 30th 2023. Drivers can run on more than one Team

but must list their primary Team as each Team MUST supply corner workers for all Events.


At the end of the Event we will inspect cars if requested to do so via an official protest. We also reserve the right to inspect any cars during the race at lane rotations and after the Event.

There are good restaurants close by and Hotels I can check into rate for those who need.


***Updated September 17th 2023.

Change of schedule, and Sprint Race Classes.

Hours of darkness and time will be determined when we know the final entry count. 


Sprint Race times may change depending on the number of entrants.


Other schedules may change depending on the number of Teams racing.


Any questions please email Alan at with the Email Title 24 Hours of Tacoma Event.


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